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Mission Types

1. Last Team Standing


Objective: Eliminate every player on the opposing team.

  • Divide into 2 teams- Red vs Blue

  • Last player not eliminated wins for their team

  • There is no respawn

  • Players tagged out go to graveyard



2. Breakout 

Objective: last team standing with a twist. Eliminated players get re-spawned all at once and scramble to find cover as they "breakout".

  • Divide into 2 teams- Red vs Blue

  • Players tagged out go to center of play-field, and put one hand on a table or chair

  • Periodically the Game Marshall will re-spawn this  group

  • Re-spawned players frantically scramble for cover as they are sniped

  • Game runs 10 minutes

3. Capture The Flag

Objective: to grab the flag and return it to your base while defending the flag carrier.

  • Divide into 2 teams Red vs. Blue

  • Start at opposite ends place a flag in the middle of field.

  • If you are eliminated while you have the flag drop the flag where you were eliminated and go to graveyard.

  • 10 minute time limit

  • Team wins when they get the flag to their base or at the end of period.

  • Team with the most 'live' members wins.

Questions? Call now!

4. Bunker


Objective: One team stays in place to defend their position.

  • 10 minutes to win or lose the bunker

  • Players try to capture the other bunker


5. VIP Extract


Objective: One team moves the defenseless VIP from point A to point B without getting hit.

  • Other team tries to eliminate the VIP.

  • VIP carries a gun & sensors but can't return fire.

  • Team wins when VIP is returned or win for opposing team if VIP is eliminated, before getting to point B

Players get Specialized Training

from Mission Experts

  • Complete with detailed Mission Profiles and Tactical Operations training- all while getting suited up!

  • Included in the packages are barricades that will be strategically placed at your choice of location.

  • Chose just the right package for your size, space, and number of team players.

  • Packages are also customize-able by adding extra taggers, extra play time and extra barricades!

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Game Rules

The general rules listed below give safe, fair play and increase your enjoyment of the game.

A Game director may also have additional rules.

  1. This is a non-contact game. Keep at least a three foot perimeter between you and opposing players. No hitting, kicking, pushing, poking, or throwing. (Safety is important!)

  2. The taggers are not to be laid on the ground, thrown, used as club, or otherwise abused. Do not us the tagger to help yourself stand up.

  3. Remain on the ground. No climbing trees, buildings, fences, or the barricades that are on the field.

  4. Stay back 15 feet from any water such as pools, fountains, puddles, etc.

  5. If severe weather occurs, suspend play and seek shelter first. (Bring Taggers in/away from rain)


  • Minimize tripping hazards

    • Sticks, branches, wire, etc should be removed.

  • Eliminate low hanging branches

    • Within the play area to avoid eye/face injury.

  • Scour the play area for:

    • Broken glass, sharp metal.

  • Keep play area boundary at least 15' away from:

    • Pools, ponds, puddles, tanks, etc. (Water and electronic taggers don't mix well!)

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