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What is Mobile Laser Tag?

Mobile Laser Tag utilizes infrared beams, that when fired, "tag" another player. 

Three sensors on a head piece, and one on the tagger, sense if you've been hit. 
After total hits are reached, players can respawn to continue playing. 


MOBILE means we bring the game to you!

How many can play?

Typically between 8 - 24 players at a time. 

It is best that everyone gets their own tagger. With big group, a good compromise is a 2 to 3 ratio of taggers to people.

Example 30 people/20 taggers.

Where can you Play?

The beauty of Force1 Mobile Laser Tag is that it can be played almost anywhere!

Your backyard, local parks, fields, forests, grasslands, gyms, and indoor play areas... DAY or NIGHT.

Are the Lasers Dangerous?

It's not really a laser, so no worries there! Infrared LED beams are used to tag others.

These beams emit the same type of light as a TV remote control- completely safe!

How long is a Game?

The average game lasts 10 minutes but varies with experience, size of field, number of players and the type of game being played.

Who Can Play?


Girls and boys both love the excitement. The suggested age is 7+ years of age.

Parties with any physical restrictions or special needs can be accommodated, just let us know ahead of time!

What about Equipment Damage?

These taggers are rugged... but accidents do happen. 

A damage waiver fee is added to each rental to protect you from any accidental or unintentional damage!

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